Visiting Cardiff In Wales

There is absolutely no doubt as to how beautiful and breathtaking Cardiff is. Whenever you visit there, you will feel like you just cannot get enough of it. Not only is Cardiff very rich in history, but it is also known to provide some of the best bed and breakfast hotels in the United Kingdom. But you would obviously not visit a place only for its hotel accommodation. After all, while being on a trip, you will not be planning to stay indoors for the whole day. You would want to get out and tour and explore all the beautiful things that Cardiff has to offer.

Enjoy the best of what the Welsh capital city has to offer.

Enjoy the best of what the Welsh capital city has to offer.


But being a tourist, you might not have that much knowledge about which places to visit and which places to avoid. That is why, to help you out, we have compiled a list for you. So check below to find out the top-rated sightseeing places that you must make a point to visit.
Wales Millennium Center
This is an arts center which is located in the Cardiff Bay area. The reason why this is such a popular tourist spot is because of the wide range of shows which are showcased here. One of the most highlighted ones is Shrek and which has been widely recommended by everyone who has visited there. Since it is a very busy place, it has been recommended that you get your tickets booked in advance. In addition, if you are also very lucky, then you might be able to enjoy a discount as well.
Bute Park
After all, who does not enjoy a leisurely stroll around the park? Besides the beautiful scenery, you will also get the chance to enjoy the lovely outdoors. Basically, since Bute Park has been made in such a wide expanse of land, there are very few things which would actually bore you. The whole place has been decorated with greenery along with winding parks. In addition, you will also be able to find a couple of coffee shops set up on the sidewalk. This allows you to enjoy a nice cup of coffee as you soak in the beautiful scenery. As a lot of people also have commented, this kind of an experience would beat shopping any day!

Stay In Cardiff

There is some fantastic independent accommodation on offer. One bed and breakfast Cardiff has been hiding is Hotel One Hundred. After searching for the perfect place we stayed here and wow, what a find! Only 7 bedrooms so we felt kind of special and all family-run. Breakfast was included and we paid a little extra to have the cooked breakfast option which was very fresh and served up by the owners Mom! Recommended!

Tips on How to Find a Good Flight When Traveling!

Whether you are going on a business trip, vacation or family reunion, you don’t have to use expensive flights and get confused about flight prices. Here are some tips on how to find a good flight when you are travelling.

Compare Prices Online

One way of finding the best flights involves comparing prices on the internet. When you search for cheap flights online, only go for sites that have a good reputation. Reliable sites usually compare flight prices based on destinations and time of year, hence providing accurate information.

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A good site is one which not only offers airfare comparisons for large international airlines but also small ones. Another method involves visiting individual airline websites and comparing the various prices before you choose one that is cheaper.

Search Flights at Nearby Airports

When choosing flights, people have found that checking flight prices from airports near them helps. In some cases, flying from where you are to your destination may be more expensive than taking a plane from the next airport.

Instead of paying more, simply drive to the nearest airport and take your flight from there. This will take a few hours but you will definitely save more.

Choose your Flight Days Carefully

The mistake which most people do is booking their flights during the peak seasons. Usually, prices go up during the holidays.


If you must travel during the peak seasons, it is advisable to book your flight earlier so as to avoid paying more. Otherwise, it would be cheaper flying during off-peak days.

Take Advantage of Discounts and Offers

Some airlines usually give discounts and offers to their regular passengers. Taking advantage of these incentives can lower the amount of airfare and help you save. Some airlines send their passengers alerts on their emails whenever they have amazing price reductions. With these tips, you can be able to get a good flight.

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